Goynes Parents and Teachers Together (GPATT)


Goynes Parents and Teachers Together (GPATT) welcomes you to the 2019-2020 school year! Your volunteer time and financial donations directly impact your child’s classroom and school – immediately enriching the quality of your child's education. 

About Us

Nicole Zobrist


We encourage you to join the PTA. Your membership will make a huge difference in your child's education, our school and community. The cost is $10 and allows you to vote on key issues at meetings, including how we utilize our resources. All parents and guardians can join. You can get an application at the school or download one here.

Once you join GPATT you will be able to get into all the school events for free, you will receive a discount card, get discounts on some of the food sold at events, and all students that are part of the PTA will be invited to three special events at the school that only PTA members can attend. You are also a member of the National PTA, check out their website at https://www.pta.org.

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